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Белый каталог ссылок

Белый каталог ссылок

При добавлении статьи предусмотрено: 1. Название статьи 2. Краткое описание 3. Полное описание
Полное описание вводить только HTML кодом (без ваших стилей).
Добавленные статьи проходят ручную модерацию. После проверки, Вы можете их увидеть в соответствующем тематическом разделе после основных ссылок.
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Creative People

Are you a creative person? Do you write (any type), do art (of any sort), do craft, have a creative hobby or job? We want you.
Notebook In Hand is looking for new members. Amateurs welcome.

We help out people with their projects, and chat about life.

I'm also looking for critiques!

microXMPP project

I started a new project, microXMPP. It's a lightweight implementation of Jabber/XMPP protocol, written in ANSI C. The idea is to make XMPP protocol support applications, not applications support the protocol. Because of this, microXMPP is made as easy to use as possible, and as compatible as it could be. The code can be compiled under both Windows and Linux, and callback-based architecture avoids complex programming. Great for making XMPP bots and other Jabber client stuff!

The microXMPP project web page is http://xmppmicro.110mb.com/. All the sources can be downloaded from that page, along with documentation. In order to make things easier, a minimalist Jabber client is provided as application example. Small updates appear almost every week.

Not Negative News

Not Negative News is a brand new website that is looking for new members, commenters, and submissions.

We're hoping to change the world and people's days through sharing positive news- would you like to help us? We made the site after deciding that the media has far too much of a negative slant on the news. It rarely reports good things happening, and turns neutral things negative in an attempt to catch your eye. All it does is stress people and upset them. The world is not as bad as that.

We're hoping that if anyone's read a positive news story, to do with any topic, they will submit it. They can also positively review products, movies, books, hotels, websites, whatever they enjoyed. They can submit their appropriate press releases. They can be cheered up and find out some good things going on around the world.

What do you think?