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Website Promotion for Developers

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[17 Apr 2011|10:40am]

rhythm shine
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my photos are available to you! [03 Apr 2011|11:32am]

my photos are available to you! they are CREATIVE COMMONS so if you need a photo for your website have a look see, choose one of my photos and publish it on your site for free! just link back to me and give me photo credit please! thanks!


i also sell framed prints of my work.

if you enjoy my photography please spread the word! thanks a lot!

shannonkringen - View my recent photos on Flickriver
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Белый каталог ссылок [25 Dec 2010|11:24am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Белый каталог ссылок

При добавлении статьи предусмотрено: 1. Название статьи 2. Краткое описание 3. Полное описание
Полное описание вводить только HTML кодом (без ваших стилей).
Добавленные статьи проходят ручную модерацию. После проверки, Вы можете их увидеть в соответствующем тематическом разделе после основных ссылок.
http://freezona.name/dir/ - Каталог сайтов
http://freezona.name/board/ - Доска объявлений
http://freezona.name/publ/ - Каталог статей
http://freezona.name/load/ - Шаблоны WordPress

Регистрируйте свои сайты в каталоге -Белый каталог ссылок- их увидят и оценят посетители http://www.izazap.net/ . А целевой посетитель это - самое важное в нашей работе! ...
http://izazap.net/dir/ - Каталог сайтов
http://izazap.net/board/ - Доска объявлений
http://izazap.net/publ/ - Каталог статей
http://izazap.com/ - Cloud Hosting
Каталог статей
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Creative People [16 Aug 2010|11:15pm]

Are you a creative person? Do you write (any type), do art (of any sort), do craft, have a creative hobby or job? We want you.
Notebook In Hand is looking for new members. Amateurs welcome.

We help out people with their projects, and chat about life.

I'm also looking for critiques!
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[24 Jul 2010|01:10pm]

kidding me
this is me as a 3 year old.

more morph collages here:
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[04 Jun 2010|05:44pm]

mershan 18
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[12 Apr 2010|12:56pm]

 Hi, everybody. 

If you like origamy and kusudama, and also beautiful sites you should visit our site:

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free site creation [06 Jan 2010|02:37am]

reasonable price, high quality, short terms. Working for portfolio.
free site creation - dockazak2
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microXMPP project [10 May 2009|09:05pm]

I started a new project, microXMPP. It's a lightweight implementation of Jabber/XMPP protocol, written in ANSI C. The idea is to make XMPP protocol support applications, not applications support the protocol. Because of this, microXMPP is made as easy to use as possible, and as compatible as it could be. The code can be compiled under both Windows and Linux, and callback-based architecture avoids complex programming. Great for making XMPP bots and other Jabber client stuff!

The microXMPP project web page is http://xmppmicro.110mb.com/. All the sources can be downloaded from that page, along with documentation. In order to make things easier, a minimalist Jabber client is provided as application example. Small updates appear almost every week.
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Not Negative News [06 Feb 2009|11:58am]

Not Negative News is a brand new website that is looking for new members, commenters, and submissions.

We're hoping to change the world and people's days through sharing positive news- would you like to help us? We made the site after deciding that the media has far too much of a negative slant on the news. It rarely reports good things happening, and turns neutral things negative in an attempt to catch your eye. All it does is stress people and upset them. The world is not as bad as that.

We're hoping that if anyone's read a positive news story, to do with any topic, they will submit it. They can also positively review products, movies, books, hotels, websites, whatever they enjoyed. They can submit their appropriate press releases. They can be cheered up and find out some good things going on around the world.

What do you think?
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[08 Dec 2008|02:21pm]

Hi everyone,

I really hope this is not an inappropriate place for this. I see that a lot of you have excellent development talent. Do any of you want a job doing front-end development in the Bay Area (Redwood City)? Or maybe you have friends who are looking for a job? To be totally straightforward, I work for a search firm and I'm having trouble finding people who want to develop web applications. So I hate to resort to sending out messages to people I don't know, but it really might be a good opportunity for some of you. Someone with experience working at a web company and a technical degree from a decent school would be best. Let me know, email would be best (profrink12@yahoo.com). Or if you can find a way to notify me on this site, that works too. I just don't check it as often.

Really sorry if this is just a bothersome message to you all. My company does pay a referral bonus though, of at least $500 if you put us in contact with someone who gets placed in the position. I'm not trying to mess with anyone; just trying to help somebody who is looking for a new job. I would never spam messages to people; I hope that's not how this is interpreted.

- Brian
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Beta users wanted [06 Dec 2008|06:49pm]

My friend and I are working on a new website, and we really need some beta users. And maybe some advice on how to get it to work better in ie6. Would anyone like to volunteer? It'll basically mean signing up, and well, using it.
It's for a news site for positive news
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Lofty Style [26 Nov 2008|05:15pm]


Hi all!

We’ve updated our portfolio http://www.loftystyledesign.com

Check it out!  Hope you find something interesting for you!
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Art/Props/Makeup/Blog/Forums [05 Nov 2008|10:57pm]

I just finished my new site and I'm needing to promote the living crap out of it, so if you know of a community where I can start pimping it out, let me know! --This is an art-portfolio site, just so you know. I'm also looking for people to link-back to, so if you're interested...


Thanks for viewing!
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Одноклассники Плюс: расширяем возможности сайта odnoklassniki.ru [10 Aug 2008|02:49am]

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[23 Jul 2008|05:07pm]

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[23 Jul 2008|08:31pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello everybody!

Website Templates

Just wanted to suggest you these guys: !
I bought a template for my Photoportfolio from them
. Wow I loved this design!
Tried to edit it a bit but not good with Flash. Gosh, this is tough :(
So applied to their site for help. Guys reacted at a second...promissed to shoot me a final design in two days. Fast and on reasonable rate!

Jonathan McQuinsy

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TALENT ZOO!!! [13 Jul 2008|12:47pm]

[ mood | busy ]

                            Be Something!!

TalentZoo.com is THE website communications professionals and executives, job seekers, and media-savvy people frequent for:

  • Information on the company's offline class recruitment services
  • A kick-ass job board with the most coveted positions in the advertising, marketing, public relations, broadcasting, and publishing fields
  • A resume database employers with Talent Zoo accounts can browse when looking to make their next hire
  • Up-to-date industry news
  • Industry resources, including articles, podcasts, blogs, and even a salary monitor for professionals to measure their worth
  • Our Rookie Directory, where communications professionals with less than 2 years' experience can get their names in front of top employers looking for young talent
  • We are currently seeking Bloggers who specialize in Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations!!  Take a look at our blogs:

Interested?  See our website at: www.talentzoo.com

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Social website Idea [24 Jun 2008|11:43pm]

Inspiration: Everywhere I go I see posted signs advertising www.yourcityheresingles.com. It seems like no matter how remote your location or how minimal your local population, there now exist websites devoted to finding singles in your area. As someone who hasn't had so much experience being single, but LOTS of experience being "lonely" and seemingly "friendless" amongst a HUGE population of people my age, I feel that a website for networking is long overdue. Sure we may live in large cities but rarely do we venture outside our circles when we go out. If you're in a relationship, bar outings typically involve you, your significant other, and either your own or your significant other's friends and their partners. Rarely do we involve ourselves with new faces outside of work or school and even if we want to, rarely do we introduce ourselves to new strangers when faced with the comforting presence of our current friends. As a former member of various sub-cultures including punks and ravers, this "random" meeting of new people with similar interests is an almost guaranteed outcome of attending the various musical events associated with your "scene." I definitely took this for granted in college, meeting 2-a dozen new faces each evening without even trying. If you've been involved in a sub-culture you understand. Simply asking to bum a cigarette or paying someone a compliment on their wardrobe or dance technique is an easy enough way to find a new friend. Then I entered the "real world," full of business types and outgoing yet reserved people, social enough to find themselves in a bar trivia night yet frightened/uninterested enough to avoid social contacts beyond the group they arrived with. Unfortunately I place myself in this category as well; it's not that I don't want to meet new people but when you're already with 10 other people it just seems misplaced and sometimes desperate to strike up conversation with an unknown neighbor. And yet I'm willing to bet there are many like me who have friends and a relationship, and are relatively happy with their life....but still long for others out there with MORE similar interests, or at least a change of the rehearsed, overplayed interactions we're accustomed to. So, my idea is simply to build a site with a basic profile, available for free, to people living in the same zipcode, who aren't looking for anything more than a friend with similar interests. If you're interested and have programming knowledge, please reply so we can get something started.
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GUD Magazine (take 3) [08 Jun 2008|05:43pm]

a two-year retrospective with enlargeable thumbs of the previous designs. :)

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