Heya dudes. :-p

Let me introduce a little plugin for Google Earth written by me.
This plugin gives an opportunity to mark your friends homes, visited places with the personal photo(thumbnail), that you can add to the profile straight in the programm.
It's simple to install and easy to use.
Please feel free to leave comments :)

Link to download:

Online Music Community

Hello, I am new here and I just wanted to share Grooveshark! Grooveshark is a company that I work for in Gainesville, Florida, and we really want to make a positive difference in the music industry, so please check us out!

I would like feedback on the site.
If you don't want to join, what are the reasons why you won't join and what can we do to change your mind?
If you do join, let me know and I can hook you up with some gift certificates for your opinions :]

All negative and positive feedback is welcomed.
We are still in the beta stage so the site won't be 100% perfect, please bare with us!
Any questions/concerns? Let me know!

Thanks in advance, I look forward to reading your thoughts.
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